China International New Media

From July 15 to 16, Mr. Hu Zhenguo, Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Media Group, and Ms. Sun Jianchun, Secretary General of Secretariat of Organizing Committee of China International New Media Short Film Festival (“CSFF”), travelled long way to Iran for visiting local cultural companies, getting familiar with exchange and cooperative status in the Film and Television industry, introducing and promoting the 9th China International New Media Short Film Festival, and inviting international institutions to participate in the CSFF Short Film Market.

Iranian Institutions Actively Join Short Film Market of the 9th CSFF

Roashana Studio warmly welcomed Organizing Committee of CSFF and showed respect to cooperating with Chinese institutions. China is a market with a great protential and excellent condition of foreign cooperation. We are looking forward to cooperating with more Chinese firms and institutions at the 9th CSFF Short Film Market.