JANAN lives in war torn Afghanistan, her husband was badly wounded in the conflict, he can’t move or speak but she desperately wants to have a child.
WILLIAM is a medical sciences student in Scotland and coming to terms with his father’s death, a commissioned officer in Afghanistan. When Janan arrives at the Fertility clinic where William works he takes a special interest in her case. Feeling more and more isolated he decides to use his swap the donor semen for his own. Wanting to be a father to the child William contacts Janan and arranges to meet her under the pretense of an official check up. William confesses all to Janan in their meeting where she learns not only who the father is but that the baby she will give birth to comes from a family with long standing connections to the military and were part of the forces on the ground in her homeland. RAHUL a taxi driver in India helps Janan, now clearly in despair and finds solace from his own plight.

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