Polishing the gem…

ROASHANA Studios has started restoring one of the Iranian cinema history's gems, The Lovers' Wind.

The Lovers' Wind (Le Vent des amoureux, باد صبا) is a 1978 French documentary film directed by Albert Lamorisse about the landscape of Iran. Lamorisse was killed in a tragic helicopter crash while filming the documentary, during a helicopter-tour of Iran. His widow and son completed the film, based on his production notes, and released the film eight years later in 1978. It was nominated for a posthumous Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The Digital Restoration Process

After scanning the footage, the digital restoration experts at ROASHANA Studios, started a time consuming, fame accurate process of refining the details in this masterpiece. The whole process is taking place at the restoration studios in ROASHANA and is believed to take two months to finish. Then the whole movie will undergo a precise color grading process.

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